Like XP. Windows 7 will be losing support.

Sun, Apr 14, 2019

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The beginning of 2019 windows will officially stop supporting Windows 7. Soon you will start getting messages from Microsoft to upgrade to Windows 10 - for a second time. Windows will stop supplying the security patches that will make the computers running the 10-year-old OS will soon be an easy target because of this. Software developers will stop writing software that the OS(operating system) runs. Its time to upgrade. In a ZDnet artical it came to my attention Microsoft plans on charging enterprise customers more each year Windows 7 is used after the 2020 deadline. The bean counters must be adding this up to see if they need to upgrade, or its cheaper to pay for extra time with Windows 7. This announcement was for the businesses, and not consumers. How much revenue this will generate for the king of cash cows I wonder?

Like XP. Windows 7 will be losing support.

Selling extended windows updates seems like a low blow for Microsoft, but there are options. Enterprise customers with Volume Licenses Agreement (VLA) software Assurance and/or Enterprise or Education subscriptions will get a discount. Providing them with security patches to 2023.

If you opt to buy the Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Service allowing software versions of windows to run in the cloud can get these updates for free until 2023.

Also on the copping block is other popular Microsoft software. Support is ending on January 14, 2020: Exchange Server 2010, Windows Server 2008/R2, and Windows 7 for Embedded Systems (but not Windows Embedded Standard 7)

I was wondering if they where going to extend support like they did XP (I miss it a little). It seems they are continuing to keep to the deadline with some exception, but not for the average person. I can only wonder how many users that are not ready for this.

Microsoft has failed at making Edge anything worth using. I personally quit using IE around 2001 when I found Firefox on Linux. It was love at first site. I used it for about 15 years and switched to Chrome one day. I have never looked back. Not that I dont have love for Firefox just haven’t needed to fix Chrome by switching back to Firefox yet like I did with Firefox by switching to Chrome (did that make since?) Now edge is going to put Chrome guts in IE and still call it IE. I mean edge.

Windows 8 and 8.1 (The difference is they brought back the start bar) is next, but this is not a requiem. It was not well received anyhow. Personally I thought it was rude to take such a core part of Windows away. I used classic shell for every windows 8 PC I ran into, but then when windows 10 was released many users continued to use the classic shell interface, but it was kina annoying since I got used to some of the windows 8.1, and 10 user experience. Now its frustrating when they are reverted to a windows 7 type experience. Windows 8.1 will get put to rest in the beginning of 2023. Leaving windows 10 to get continued support based on the version off windows 10 they are using. You can see the official lifecycle page here.