How to remove a computer virus?

Fri, Mar 29, 2019

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Problem: Access to the system is restricted through virus activity (task manager auto-closes, programs will not run, screen locked

How to remove a computer virus?


  1. If machine boots into windows make Full Backup image; IF NOT proceed to step A1
  2. After imaging correctly boot the machine, Run Rkill ASAP, follow that with RogueKiller, and that with Cclean for temp files, then MBAM, reboot. IF NOT able to beat the lock out proceed to step A1
  3. If Symptoms Persist Run deep scan with Emsisoft
  4. Install and update Avast free unless otherwise stated or active paid for software is in effect.
  5. Uninstall BS programs {PCDecrapifier is great for this} (mywebsearch, browser Toolbars, coupon, shoping and price aids, FAKE free AV, competitor support soft, mycleanpc)
  6. Run CClean registry utility {be sure to backup Reg when asked} and fix all errors.
  7. Run Avast Boot Scan
  8. Optimize startup entries with Autoruns
  9. Reboot to observe, test performance(surf around, play some vid, start a song, run some programs)

A1. Update Workstation AV and MBAM, Pull infected drive, label it, and plug it into workstation,

A2. make Full Backup image; IF NOT attempt to manually harvest important data, run scan on customer drive eliminating all threats, restart may be necessary to complete A3. Re-attempt to boot the drive in the client computer, IF SUCCESSFUL, proceed from step 4 above

A4. If symptoms persist and control is restricted re-scan from workstation with Emsisoft, IF SUCCESSFUL proceed from step 4 above

A5. If Symptoms persist Give us a call