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Why Kaldi?

Kaldi is the coffee store for everyone who believes that great coffee shouldn't just taste good, it should do good too. We source all of our beans directly from small scale sustainable farmers and make sure part of the profits are reinvested in their communities.

What we offer

Kaldi is the ultimate spot for coffee lovers who want to learn about their java’s origin and support the farmers that grew it. We take coffee production, roasting and brewing seriously and we’re glad to pass that knowledge to anyone.

Sometimes a computer can drive you crazy, and you just want to throw it in the trashcan. From minor annoyances and workflow hindrances to destructive data theft. We remove the things that keep your computer from working for you.

Whether you don’t know what your needs are or you’re just looking for advice on how best to fulfill them. Let what we know, work for you. We sacrificed time on the altar of knowledge so that you wouldn’t have to.

Our values

Coffee is an amazing part of human culture but it has a dark side too – one of colonialism and mindless abuse of natural resources and human lives. We want to turn this around and return the coffee trade to the drink’s exhilarating, empowering and unifying nature.

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