For home users, home office professionals , small – medium business, and enterprise level setups. Our technicians are comfortable in any setting.


We have seen almost everything to come out in the past 20 years.
From x86 pre-Pentium desktops and ancient dot matrix printers through the newest gaming laptops and enterprise level servers


Phone support – No button pressing for machines, no difficult to understand scripted questions, and your call will be very important to us, but we wouldn’t presume to waste your time by telling you that on the phone, and best of ALL you will be speaking to someone who not only lives in your country but your own state. We know…Ridiculous right?, but it is true. Call if you don’t believe.

On-site support Technicians – are available for you. Whether you’re uncomfortable with plugs and wires, or just can’t be there to address the issue yourself, we got your back.

Pick-Up/Delivery Service & Drop off service – Whether you can’t be at home while the problem is worked on, want it worked on while you’re on vacation, or would just rather drop it off to be fixed. We can accommodate you.

Formal quotes – Need hard numbers in your hand to compare with other opportunities, or need something you can bundle with the presentation to show the big office. We can provide you with a quote or quotes and guarantee pricing for a specified duration.

Support contracts – Do you want to guarantee service for many computers\locations on a monthly basis? Ensure your info-structure receives Regular maintenance.

Managed services – Proactive monitoring of your company’s digital wellness. managed services allows us to solve many problems before they become an issue as well as identify failing hardware before there is a service interruption.