Home Computer Services

Our home computer services include:

Virus\Spyware\Malware Removal – We remove the things that keep your computer from working for you.

System Optimization, or “tune-up” – Sometimes nothing is “wrong” with your computer, but it used to be faster. A tune up is just what the doctor ordered, and can put a little spring back in your computers step

Custom PC Builds – Want a machine tailor made to perform a specific set of tasks or function in a certain job role. we can build it made to order. with as much or as little involvement from you as you wish.

Desktop Repair – Desktop stop and not start back up one day? Get a dreaded “Blue Screen” that won’t go away? Smoke and sparks? Whatever the issue is we can address it for you.

Laptop Repair – Missing Keys, Shattered Screen, Wont turn on, Charger doesn’t connect, Out of warranty and unusable? whatever the problem with your laptop, don’t call it “dead” until we do, no matter what they say where you bought it.

Data Migration – Bought a new computer and wondering how to get all of your files from old to new? Let us handle all of that for you.

Data Recovery – System fail on you, external hard drive stop? We may be able to save those Photos of Grandma , Tax documents, Term papers, or Music collections.

Software Installation – Uncomfortable configuring the particulars of a new software install? Let us take over for you. we are familiar with most of the popular programs in use today.

Printer Setup and Configuration – Printers today are gaining options as fast as they are functions, and setup times are growing as well. Let us help you choose the right options to get the most out of your printer.

Password Removal – Forgot your windows password, inherited a computer, bought a used computer? Most passwords can be reset with the correct tools and knowledge.

Wireless/Wired Network Setup\Configuration\Internet Connectivity troubleshooting – Having internet or network troubles in your home or home office? New tablet wont connect, laptop lost wi-fi signal, forgot your wireless key, wi-fi “dead spots” in your house? Whatever the network issue at hand, we can work with it, around it, or through it.

E-mail Configuration – Having trouble with your mail reader program? Let us take a look. We’ve seen our fair share of Email issues.

Software Conflict Resolution – Some programs work well, but not together. This one isn’t easy to spot very often, and the behavior can change from version to version. If you suspect this is happening let us look into a solution or workaround for you.

Tech Advice – Whether you don’t know what your needs are or you’re just looking for advice on how best to fulfill them. Let what we know, work for you. We sacrificed time on the altar of knowledge so that you wouldn’t have to.

Phone support – No button pressing for machines, no difficult to understand scripted questions, and your call will be very important to us, but we wouldn’t presume to waste your time by telling you that on the phone, and best of ALL you will be speaking to someone who not only lives in your country but your own state. We know…Ridiculous right?, but it is true. Call if you don’t believe.

Remote Assistance – if you have an internet connection, we can easily guide you through a few short steps and lay eyes and hands on your problem almost immediately. Its the next best thing to having us sitting at your desk.

On-site support Technicians – are available for you.  Whether you’re uncomfortable with plugs and wires, or just can’t be there to address the issue yourself, we got your back.

Pick-Up/Delivery Service & Drop off service –  Whether you can’t be at home while the problem is worked on,  want it worked on while you’re on vacation, or would just rather drop it off to be fixed. We can accommodate you.

AVAST! Anti-virus be free! – Avast! is offered freely for home use.